[In Production]

Versatile Audio Manager for Unity Engine.

Sections :
Music, SFX, Speech

Create playlists and add tracks in each of these sections.

Customize your playlist and track names.

Control playlists using Earchestra's Maestro methods.

Save or load a playlist collection.


Play in index order or mixed order.

Fade tracks at the beginning and end.

Control the delay between tracks.


Control the volumes for each section.

Includes a prefab slider system that allows the player to set the master volumes for each section.

The system saves and loads these volume values automatically.

Capable of handling more complex and dynamic audio demands.

Add as many audio players to your ensemble as you wish with the click of a button.

Play multiple playlists from the same section at the same time.

Play multiple tracks from a Section's playlist, each with their own effects.

Make any clip from your playlists play at the Transform of your choice.

Earchestra's Maestro Methods

Control playlists, tracks, effects, and transforms.

Use these methods in any Monobehavior scripts.

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