itchio Space Toots

This alien has an insatiable appetite for space jellies.

These jellies cause an abundance of toots.


Travel across the universe in search of space jellies.

Jump through black holes into jelly-filled spacescapes.


Walk, jump, or toot through the spacescapes.

Eat space jellies to fuel your toots.

walk, jump, toot, eat jellies.

At the edge of each spacescape is a black hole.

Jump through it to end the level and head into the next spacescape.


Completing a level unlocks the next.

Completing all four levels unlocks the Space Toots Generator.



These spacescapes contain meteoric hazards as well as time-altering and gravity-altering effectors.

space toots hazards

With the Space Toots Generator, you can enter any integer between 0 and 10000000 to generate millions of unique spacescapes.

space toots generator

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